Administrative Specialist

The administrative specialist supervises or performs administrative, clerical, and typing duties. Duties for MOS 71L at each level of skill are:

a. Major duties.

(1) MOSC 71L1O. Types military and nonmilitary correspondence in draft and final copy. Employs basic principles of English composition and grammar in preparing correspondence. Proofreads typed documents against source documents. Assembles final product for review, authentication, or other disposition. Prepares registered or certified mail for dispatch. Opens, sorts, routes, and delivers incoming correspondence and messages. Prepares suspense control documents and maintain suspense files. Signs receipt for, and picks up registered and certified mail. Dates and dispatches outgoing correspondence and messages. Prepares and maintains functional files per MARKS. Receives publications, establishes and maintains publications library. Requisitions and stocks blank forms.

(2) MOSC 71L2O. Performs typing and clerical duties shown at preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance on administrative matters to typists and clerical personnel. Proofreads correspondence for format, content, and use of authorized abbreviations. Answers inquiries from staff and advises personnel on administrative and clerical matters. Sets-up and maintain logs, rosters, status boards, charts, graphs, and view graphs. Composes routine correspondence.

(3) MOSC 71L3O. Supervises performance of administrative functions. Reviews and edits correspondence prior to release, submission for signature, or other disposition. Conducts periodic review of files to ensure proper filing of correspondence. Controls use of reproduction facilities and reviews item to be reproduced. Plans and organizes office operations to include publications and forms administration and office administrative procedures. Writes office SOP, job descriptions, and directives. Determines requirements for office equipment, supplies, and space. Plans layout of office. Requisitions, receives, inventories, and signs hand receipts for office equipment. Coordinates administrative activities with other organizational elements and staff sections. Establishes mail delivery routes and schemes and arranges for pickup of distribution by messengers. Serves as custodian of classified documents. Signs receipts for, logs, inventories, files, and secures classified documents. Prepares documents for destruction or other disposition. Ensures proper accountability of documents based upon degree of classification.

(4) MOSC 71L4O. Supervises administrative functions and performs duties at preceding level of skill at division, comparable, or higher level headquarters. Provides technical training and instructions to subordinates and supported units.

(5) MOSC 71L5O. Supervises performance of administrative functions in administrative or similar element at division, comparable, or higher level headquarters. Inspects subordinates units and makes recommendations for elimination of deficiencies or improvement of administrative operations.

b. Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS.

Administrative specialists must possess the following qualifications:

(1) A physical demands rating of medium.
(2) A physical profile of 323222.
(3) A minimum score of 95 in aptitude area CL.
(4) The ability to type at a minimum speed of 25 net words per minute.
(5) Formal training (completion of a course of instruction for MOS 71L course conducted at or under the auspices of the U.S. Army Adjutant General School) mandatory.

c. Additional skill identifiers.

(1) E3-Executive Administrative Assistant (SPC through SSG).
(2) E4-Attace Administrative Support.
(3) F4-Postal Supervisor.
(4) F5-Postal Operations.
(5) P5-Master Fitness Trainer.
(6) 2S-Battle Staff Operations (skill level 3 and above).
(7) 4A-Reclassification Training.

d. Physical requirements and standards of grade.

Physical requirements and SG relating to each skill level are listed in the following tables:

(1) Table 10-71L-1. Physical requirements.
(2) Table 10-71L-2. Standards of grade TOE/MTOE.
(3) Table 10-71L-3. Standards of grade TDA.