Counterintelligence Agent

The CI agent supervises and conducts, or assists in conducting, CI surveys and investigations of individuals, organizations, and installations to detect, identify, assess, counter, exploit and neutralize threats to national security. Duties for MOS 97B at each level of skill are:

a. Major duties.

(1) MOSC 97B1O. Assists in security investigations. Provides CI services and support to force protection operations at all echelons. Performs CI support to counterterrorism operations. Prepares and operates recording and photographic equipment. Processes CI evidence and evaluates sources of information. Prepares and disseminates CI reports. Assists in non-technical surveillance. Collects and compiles open source material. Conducts liaison with US agencies. Maintains CI files and data bases.

(2) MOSC 97B2O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate soldiers. Conducts sabotage, espionage, treason, and sedition investigations. Conducts liaison with foreign agencies. Plans and conducts CI investigations. Applies fundamentals of military and civil law. Detects, neutralizes, and exploits CI targets. Participates in counterintelligence force protection source operations (CFSO). Conducts overt collection, surveillance and non-technical operations. Assists in counter espionage investigations and operations. Provides counter human intelligence (C-HUMINT) support for multidiscipline counterintelligence (MDCI) products. Prepares CI reports and estimates.

(3) MOSC 97B3O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate soldiers. Plans and conducts CI operations, to include: analyzing, selecting, exploiting, and neutralizing CI targets. Plans and directs CI services and support. Plans and directs counterespionage operations and investigations. Manages intelligence contingency funds. Plans and conducts CFSO operations. Supports offensive and defensive CI operations and collection operations.

(4) MOSC 97B4O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate soldiers. Supervises and directs preparation of CI services and reports. Supervises CFSO. Performs operation and case control reviews. Supervises and directs investigations and special operations. Plans and supervises CI operations. Reviews CI related reports and plans.

(5) MOSC 97B5O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate soldiers. Plans, coordinates, and supervises intelligence operations and training.

b. Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS.

CI agents must possess the following qualifications:

(1) A physical demands rating of medium.
(2) A physical profile of 222221.
(3) Normal color vision.
(4) A minimum score of 105 in aptitude area ST.
(5) The soldier must meet TOP SECRET security clearance and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access eligibility requirements.
(6) A high school graduate or equivalent.
(7) Possess good voice quality and be able to speak English without an objectionable accent or impediment.
(8) Never been a member of the U.S. Peace Corps, except as specified in AR 614-200, chapter 1.
(9) No information in military personnel, Provost Marshal, intelligence, or medical records which would prevent the granting of security clearance under AR 380-67.
(10) No record of conviction by court-martial.
(11) No record of conviction by a civil court for any offense other than minor traffic violations.
(12) Be interviewed per DA Pam 600-8, procedure 3-33, as applicable.
(13) The soldier must be a U.S. citizen.
(14) Soldier and spouse must not have immediate family members who reside in a country within whose boundaries physical or mental coercion is known to be common practice, either against-

(a) Persons accused of or acting in the interest of the U.S. or

(b) The relatives of such persons to whom they may reasonably be considered to be bound by ties of affection, kinship, or obligation. Near relatives will also include uncles, aunts, grandparents, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and relationships corresponding to any of the above persons in loco parentis (AR 630-5, para 6-2b).

(15) Have neither commercial nor vested interest in a country within whose boundaries physical or mental coercion is known to be a common practice against persons acting in the interest of the U.S. This requirement applies to the soldier’s spouse as well.
(16) A minimum age of 19 years, 6 months for award of MOS 97B10 and a minimum age of 21 for accreditation as CI agent.
(17) Meet selection criteria and classification and assignment restrictions contained in AR 601-210 and AR 614-200.
(18) Meet career management and development criteria contained in AR 614-200.
(19) Formal training (completion of MOS 97B course under the auspices of U.S. Army Intelligence Center) mandatory.
(20) Be advised that due to the nature of training and assignments, temporary restrictions may be placed on foreign travel both during and after the term of service.

c. Additional skill identifiers.

(1) G9-Defense Against Sound Equipment (DASE).
(2) N7-Strategic Debriefing and Interrogation.
(3) P5-Master Fitness Trainer.
(4) P8-Polygraph Operations.
(5) S7-Foreign Counterintelligence.
(6) 2S-Battle Staff Operations (skill level 3 and above).
(7) 4A-Reclassification Training.

d. Physical requirements and standards of grade.

Physical requirements and SG relating to each skill level are listed in the following tables:

(1) Table 10-97B-1. Physical requirements.
(2) Table 10-97B-2. Standards of grade TOE/MTOE.
(3) Table 10-97B-3. Standards of grade TDA.