Crane Operator

The crane operator operates crawler and truckmounted cranes and crane shovels. Duties for MOS 62F at each level of skill are:

a. Major duties.

(1) MOSC 62F1O. Installs and removes crane booms, extensions and hook blocks. Positions crane outriggers assemblies and maneuvers in response to hand signals. Installs, rigs and removes crane attachments. Performs clamshell, dragline, wrecking ball, pile driving, and hook block operations. Determines safe lifting capacities. Assists in performance of combat engineer missions.

(2) MOSC 62F2O. Operates cranes with related attachments. Directs operational maintenance on assigned equipment.

b. Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS.

Crane operators must possess the following qualifications:

(1) A physical demands rating of very heavy.
(2) A physical profile of 222221.
(3) Red/green color discrimination.
(4) A minimum score of 90 in aptitude area GM.
(5) Must possess a valid state motor vehicle operator license.
(6) Formal training (completion of MOS 62F course conducted under auspices of U.S. Army Engineer School) mandatory, or meet the civilian acquired skills criteria listed in AR 601-210.

c. Additional skill identifiers.

(1) P5-Master Fitness Trainer.
(2) 4A-Reclassification Training.

d. Physical requirements and standards of grade.

Physical requirements and SG relating to each skill level are listed in the following tables:

(1) Table 10-62F-1. Physical requirements.
(2) Table 10-62F-2. Standards of grade TOE/MTOE.
(3) Table 10-62F-3. Standards of grade TDA.