Medical Specialist

a. Major duties.

(1) The medical specialist provides emergency and routing outpatient and inpatient medical care/treatment for battle and non-battle casualties in both wartime and peacetime environments.

(2) Duties for MOS 91B at each level of skill are:

(a) MOSC 91B1O. Administers emergency medical treatment to battlefield casualties, assists with outpatient care and treatment or assists with inpatient care and treatment under supervision of physician, nurse, physician’s assistant or NCO.
(b) MOSC 91B2O. Administers emergency and routine medical treatment to battle and non-battle casualties, assists with outpatient care and treatment and supervises field and clinical medical facilities under supervision of physician, nurse or physician’s assistant.
(c) MOSC 91B3O. Supervises activities of field, clinical and mobile treatment facilities.
(d) MOSC 91B4O. Supervises paraprofessional medical service activities in large fixed and mobile treatment facilities.
(e) MOSC 91B5O. Must be qualified in an MOS in CMF 91 (Medical) at the “4” skill level. Supervises and provides technical guidance within the Army Medical Department and Army Special Staff Activities.

b. Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS.

The medical specialist must possess the following qualifications:

(1) A physical demands rating of moderately heavy.
(2) A physical profile of 222221.
(3) Normal color vision.
(4) A minimum score of 95 in aptitude area ST.
(5) Formal training by:

(a) Completion of MOSC 91B1O, Medical Specialist Course under the auspices of the AHS or completion of the exportable MOSC 91B1O course conducted by a RC unit approved by the AHS; or
(b) (USAR only) Civilian acquired skills per criteria listed in AR 601-210; or
(c) Completion of Phase I-A, Special Operations Medical Sergeants Course for award of MOSC 91B1O; or completion of Phase I-A and Phase I-B for award of MOS 91B2O or MOS 91B3O when Phase I-B not completed. Personnel completing all three phases (Phase I-A, I-B, and Field Training Phase) and awarded MOS 18D, may be awarded MOS 91B as a secondary MOS.

c. Additional skill identifiers.

(1) N3-Occupational Therapy Specialty.
(2) N9-Physical Therapy Specialty.
(3) P1-Orthopedic Specialty.
(4) P2-Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialty.
(5) P3-Eye Specialty.
(6) P5-Master Fitness Trainer.
(7) Y6-Cardiovascular Specialist.
(8) 2S-Battle Staff Operations (skill level 3 and above).
(9) 4A-Reclassification Training.

d. Physical requirements and standards of grade.

Physical requirements and SG relating to each skill level are listed in the following tables:

(1) Table 10-91B-1. Physical requirements.
(2) Table 10-91B-2. Standards of grade TOE/MTOE.
(3) Table 10-91B-3. Standards of grade TDA.